Hi, I’m Sisu.

Prepping for a tough conversation?
I’ll help you figure out what to say to get heard,
and get on the same page.

I use Enneagram to give you the best advice.
Don’t know your Type, or the Type of the person you’ll be talking to?
That’s okay. Read about the 9 Types here and make your best guesses.

Type 1 - The Perfectionist

1’s place a lot of emphasis on creating structure and doing things correctly. 1’s are afraid of being imperfect and can be extremely hard on themselves and often others.

Type 2 - The Giver

2’s want to be liked, and always seek ways of being kind and helpful to others. It’s important to 2’s to feel needed, and like they belong. They are afraid of being unworthy.

Type 3 - The Achiever

3’s are hardworking and have a strong drive to be successful. They are conscious of their public image, and want to be admired. 3’s are afraid of failure, and not being seen as valuable.

Type 4 - The Individualist

4’s love experiencing emotions. They’re often creative, and it’s important to them to be unique. 4’s worry that they will be insignificant, and believe that they are fundamentally different than other people.

Type 5 - The Investigator

5’s seek understanding and knowledge, and are more comfortable with facts and data than stories or feelings. The biggest fear of 5 is being overwhelmed by the needs of other people.

Type 6 - The Loyalist

6’s are preoccupied with security and stability, and are good planners. 6’s are prone to anxiety, and their greatest fear is being unprepared and unable to protect themselves from risks.

Type 7 - The Enthusiast

7’s want to have as much fun as possible, and get bored fast. 7’s avoid experiencing emotional pain, especially sadness, and avoid it by always coming up with new projects and adventures to keep them busy.

Type 8 - The Challenger

8’s come across as strong and domineering. They are comfortable with conflict and stand up for themselves. Their greatest fear is vulnerability, so they focus on controlling their environment and the people around them.

Type 9 - The Peacemaker

9’s like to go with the flow and minimize conflict. 9’s can seem slow moving, and like they have their head in the clouds. They want peace of mind, and fear pushing people away by prioritizing their own needs.